Die Artdirektorin und Fotografin Monica Figueras schuf zusammen mit Filmemacher Cris Tomàs Rovira und den drei jungen Models AlbertRita and Ksenia einen sehr schönen Kurzfilm und eine Fotoreihe die sich mit vielleicht einem der größten Probleme der Neuzeit beschäftigt.

“Our main goal was to show nowadays connection and how it changed due to social media. Today most people feel the need to show their lives and what they are doing in the internet instead of actually enjoying the moment. We created a love story to portray this concept with the intention of keeping the viewer hooked up from the beginning. The location was choosen based on the aesthetic. The colours, the 70’s look, the neon lights and the fact that this is a place where young people often hang out made “Magic Park” the perfect location for this project.”

via: c-heads


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Art director and photographer: @monica_figueras
Filmmaker: @cristinatomasr
Models: @itsalbertsantana @flyet @kseniakomleva
Asistants: @theaga7a @elenagraphies
Stylist: @angela_ibanez
Hair and make up: @hairlab_craft
Voice-over: @aidadesarraga
Text: @mrs.kintsugi

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