DIAMOND WHITE – Cleopatron

“I came up with the idea Cleopatron at a really interesting and “educational” time in my life. When you’re dating, you learn a lot about different types of people…but there was always one constant theme in every guy that liked me at the time. The fascination, and almost addiction (which is where the alcohol references come in), to my melanin. Especially in the guys that never had any experience with a black girl. It was an immediate fascination. It’s basically a song about feminine energy, and how powerful we are. So much so, that it creates an image of a goddess (that’s where cleopatra comes in). It’s very much a millennial theme song giving props to women, and it makes you feel like a badass when you listen to it.” so beschreibt die Künstlerin den Entstehungsprozess des vorliegenden Songs. Schaut euch einfach mal das Video an:

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