„Django Jane“ ist die zweite Single aus Janelle Monáes Album Dirty Computer. Auf dem komplett gerappten Song spricht Monáe über die Macht der Frauen und ihre vergangenen Errungenschaften. In einem Interview mit The Guardian beschrieb sie das Lied mit den Worten:

„[It’s] a response to me feeling the sting of the threats being made to my rights as a woman, as a black woman, as a sexually liberated woman, even just as a daughter with parents who have been oppressed for many decades. Black women and those who have been the ‘other’, and the marginalised in society – that’s who I wanted to support, and that was more important than my discomfort about speaking out.“


Director: Andrew Donoho

Co-Director: Chuck Lightning

Producer: Ian Blair

DP: Nicholas Wiesnet

Production Designer: Tyler Jensen

Choreographer: Jemel McWilliams

Additional Footage (Vagina Monologue)

Directed by: Lacey Duke

Concept by: Chuck Lightning, Nate Wonder and Andrew Donoho

Production Company: Diktator

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