SALMAN KHOSHROO – Foam Paintings

Die sehr bunten Schaumgemälde, die schon fast als Installationen durchgehen könnten, sind die neuesten Werke des iranischen Künstlers Salman Khoshroo.

Er selbst sagt über diese Serie:

“PU expanding foam is perhaps one of the most difficult materials to work with and control. This sticky froth is very unpredictable, growing and expanding for a couple of hours until it cures. The exposed skin of the material hardens in the first minutes, leaving the uncured center to expand and push the skin outwards, ending in a bulging shape. In my experience with thick paint, the brush and knife tend to make concave imprints on the surface. For years I wanted to create protruding strokes that better resemble the convex shapes of the face and head. Convexness is a prevalent property of ‘being’ in physical space. It is a key issue when creating sculpture and painting that push for outward material existence.” – Salman Khoshroo

Alle Bilder © salman khoshroo

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