DAVE POLLOT – Neo Renaissance

Der in New York lebende Künstler Dave Pollot ist für seine überarbeiteten 2nd Hand Ölgemälde bekannt. In die klassischen unaufregenden Ölgemälde baut er kulturell zeitgeistige Elemente in dem selben alten Stil ein. Das Ergebniss sind faszinierende Kollagen die teilweise erst auf den zweiten Blick ihre Wirkung entfalten.

Er selbst sagt über seine Arbeit:

I’ve always loved the idea that art is deeply personal.  I’m telling my own story with each piece, but every one is a little bit like a mirror, reflecting it’s meaning back to the viewer through his or her individual perception.  More generally speaking however, there are a number of recurring questions and ideas that my work often deals with.  I think that my body of work has challenged the idea that any one piece of artwork is without a place, especially if it can be retrofitted to reflect a more culturally relevant set of ideas.  It’s also questioned the idea of who (generationally and otherwise) can claim ownership of the pop culture of a given time period – it’s sought to introduce a younger audience to older artistic styles, and a potentially older audience to a broader set of pop culture.”

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