Everyday Masks. Where do we go from here?

Okay, our masks look good, but are they any good? Well, masks in general are more effective than one might think. Here is an article from the South China Morning Post, March 28, 2020, that sheds some light on the subject:

People in Europe and the United States are wrong not to wear face masks in public, according to the head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC).

“In my opinion, the big mistake in the US and Europe is that people do not wear masks,” said Gao Fu, the agency’s director general, in an interview with Science Magazine, one of the world’s leading academic journals.

“This virus is transmitted by droplets and close contact,” he said. “Droplets play a very important role – you have to wear a mask because when you speak, droplets always come out of your mouth.

“Many people have asymptomatic or presymptomatic infections,” he said. “If they wear face masks, this can prevent droplets carrying the virus from escaping and infecting others.”

Source: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3077413/coronavirus-chinese-scientist-advises-people-europe-us-wear-face

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