At URWLCM we are sure of one thing: Masks are not going to disappear from our everyday lives. Masks will remain with us and establish themselves as fashion accessories. Period.

Before Corona, the subject of wearing masks in public was virtually non-existent in our western media. And if it did, it was usually reports about faraway Asian countries and how the citizens there wear masks in their everyday lives. The tenor was always similar, there was a mixture of arrogance, ignorance and amusement in the reports: “The masks don’t do anything and it looks funny”, the stereotype of the backward and uneducated Asian was quickly at hand.

Then came the pandemic. Danger. crisis. Game Changer. We could watch live how public opinion changed and went through an evolution. Slow at first, then faster and faster. From the initial attitude of arrogance (“so they don’t help anything”), lack of understanding (“they just don’t help anything…”) and amusement (“they don’t help anything LOL”), over rejection (“in our western culture we don’t cover our faces in public”) and defiance (“nobody can force me to wear it”) to rethinking (“maybe it does bring something”) and insight (“wearing a mask means taking responsibility for the community”) up to the official recommendation (Merkel: “We recommend everyday masks”). Wow. That escalated quickly.

The topic of masks has trickled into public awareness. If you take into account the prognosis that it is likely that the virus will accompany us seasonally from now on and add the zeitgeist, everything must be healthy and sustainable, the conclusion inevitably remains: Masks are the new normal.

Further conclusions:
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